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Omnia Opera

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Omnia Opera

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4 volumes bound in 2.

The full general title reads as follows:

"Divi Ambrosii Episcopi Mediolanensis Omnia Opera, Per eruditos viros, ex accurate diversorum codicum collatione emendate, Graecis quae vel aberrant, vel erant corruptissima plerisque in locis feliciter restitutis, in quatuor ordines digesta, quorum primus habet mores, secundus pugnas adverfsus haereticos, tertius orations, epistolas, & conciones ad populum, Quartus explanations voluminum veteris & novi testamenti. / Inspice lector & comperies Ambrosium quam antehac habuisti. / [Printer’s Device ‘Ioan. Frob.’] / Apud Inclytam Basileam. / An. M. D. XXVII." 

The full title of the second volume reads as follows:

"Divi Ambrosii Operum Tomus Secundus Pugnas Continens, hoc est, ea quae pertinet confutationem haereticorum ac Gentium."

The full title of the third volume reads as follows:

"Operum Divi Ambrosii Episcopi Mediolanensis, Tomus Tertius, continens orations, epistolas & sermons ad populum habitos."

The full title of the fourth volume reads as follows:

"Divi Ambrosii Episcopi Mediolanensis Operum Tomus Quartus, continens explanations, hoc est ea quae faciunt ad interpretationem divinarum scriptarum, veteris testamenti, denique novi."

Issue Points

The first edition of the works of St. Ambrose to have been edited by Erasmus.


1. 16th century annotations on the front endpapers of the first volume (possibly those of John Walcot)

2. John Walcot (his 16th or early 17th century ownership signature at the upper outer corner of the title of the first volume)

3. Charles Jacomb (his 19th century bookplate on the front endpaper, with his presentation inscription to St. Augustine College dated 1887)

4. St. Augustine College (their bookplate on the front endpaper of the first volume reading "Collegii Sti: Augustini / Apud Cantuarienses / Liber")

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