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A Treatise and Discourse of the Lawes of the Forrest

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The full title reads as follows:

"A treatise and discourse of the lawes of the forrest: wherin is declared not onely those lawes, as they are now in force, but also the originall and beginning of forrestes: and what a forrest is in his owne proper nature, and wherein the same doth differ from a chase, a park, or a warren, with all such thinges as are incident or belonging thereunto, with their seuerall proper tearmes of art: as more at large doth appeare in the table in the beginning of this booke. Also a treatise of the purallee, declaring what purallee is, how the same first began, what a purallee man may doe, how he may hunt and vse his owne purallee, how far he may pursue and follow after his chase, together with the lymits and boundes, aswell of the Forrest, as the Puralley. Collected and gathered together, aswell out of the common lawes and statutes of this land, as also out of sundry learned auncient aucthors, and out of the assises and iters of Pickring and Lancaster, by Iohn Manwood. / At London, Printed by Thomas Wight and Bonham Norton. / 1598."

Issue Points

The first public edition. An earlier edition was printed about 1592 (STC 17290), but it was for private circulation only. This 1598 edition was enlarged by Manwood.


1. Thomas Corbett (his late 16th or 17th century signature upon two leaves)

2. 17th or 18th century annotations in the gutter margin of the title mentioning Dublin.

3. Edward H. Mo[rton?] (18th century signature upon the open leaf of the text proper).

Gallery of 50 pages.

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