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Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

Search Tools

How does the search tool work?

We constantly refine our search algorithm to give you better results. Titles that relate to your search show up as a list, sorted by title, author, or date (as you prefer). If specific page images are returned as a result, they will show up in a gallery underneath the titles, and can be sorted by title, author or date (as you prefer).

In the sorting options, what does “best” search mean?

By early 2021 our database had outgrown its start-up search code. To increase the speed and usability of our search engine, we introduced our new and improved search algorithm. The “best” search will put titles that best match your search query first in the results.

How can I make my search more specific?

The search engine will find results for each word that you type into the search form. Surrounding a specific phrase or phrases with quotation marks will restrict the search to only those phrases, and will not return results from the individual words with the quotation marks. Note that such searches may take slightly longer as the system isolates the specific items.

Page Viewer Tools

How do I use the page viewer?

Most typical trackpad/mobile gestures will work on the Codex Rare Books page viewer. If you are still not able to navigate, read on.

How can I navigate between images?

You may click on a thumbnail to go immediately to that page, or click once to advance to the next page in the set. You can also click on the and icons, or use the keyboard arrows to advance back and forth throughout the set of images. On a mobile device, simply swipe left or right.

How do I zoom in (and out)?

Either use the zoom in and zoom out icons, or double-click on the page image itself. On a mobile device, use the pinch-zoom gestures.

When zoomed-in, how do I scroll to different parts of the image?

Use a two-finger swipe to move a zoomed-in image within the viewing area. On a mobile device, dragging a single finger does the trick.

How can I scroll through the thumbnails?

You can either use the and icons, or a two-finger swipe to move the thumbnail scroller left-to right. On a mobile device, dragging a single finger does the trick.

How can I show or hide the textual information?

Click the icon to hide and show this information.

Is there a full-screen feature?

There certainly is. Click the expand icon to enter full-screen mode. (This is more-or-less the default mode on a mobile device.)

How do I close the viewer?

Simply click on the “X” icon to return to the title information page.

The page loads slowly.

We work every day on serving the pages to you faster, but the fact of the matter is that we are delivering huge images and they do take a few moments to load. Titles with over 200 page images may take a few more moments again to load fully. We will continue to improve the speed of download; however, we do prioritize quality over speed. Your browser's page caching system will help to speed up pages that have previously loaded.

Prices and Subscriptions

How much does a Codex Rare Books subscription cost?

A single-household monthly subscription costs $0.99 USD. A single-household yearly subscription costs $9.99 USD. The subscription is handled by PayPal, and automatically renews.

What do I get with a subscription?

You get full and complete access to our complete and constantly expanding catalogue of over 1290 rare book titles (growing daily). Access includes high-resolution images of key pages and in-depth data regarding the title’s provenance, historical importance, economic history, printing record… not to mention complete bibliographic information. This information too is continually being improved, updated and expanded.

Can I download images of pages for viewing offline?

Active subscribers can download up to 10 unique images per month at no additional charge.

Free Trial Period

How does the free trial work?

New subscribers to Codex Rare Books will automatically enter a seven-day free trial assessment period. If you choose to cancel your subscription before the end of the free trial period, you will not be billed for the service. When you choose to stay with the Codex Rare Books service, your credit card or PayPal account will be charged automatically after the seven days are up.

Account Management

How can I create an account?

To subscribe and access our complete catalogue of titles, go here.

How can I subscribe to full access to Codex Rare Books?

If you already have an account, you must log in. You can then re-subscribe here.

How can I obtain my invoices?

You can find detailed invoices for each of your payments at your Payment History page. Find the link to your payment history on your account page.

How can I manage my subscription?

Your Codex Rare Books subscription is handled by our card-processing banking partner and complies with all (PCI) standards. Your subscription automatically renews. If you wish to cancel your subscription, then go to your Payment History page and click the cancel button. Find the link to your payment history on your account page. Note that cancelling your subscription does not delete your account, and you may re-subscribe at any time you wish. If you wish to switch from a monthly to a yearly plan – or vice-versa – then simply cancel your current plan and re-subscribe to the plan of your choice.

Why was my account banned or limited?

Our account security system is smart, but it is automated. If your access to the site has been limited or banned, the security system may have sensed incorrectly that you acted in a way that compromised the website. Please contact our administration team, if you think your account has been mistakenly banned.

Contacting Codex Rare Books

How can I contact Codex Rare Books?

Some specific pages will lead to directly to our contact form. If you need to get in touch with us for any other reason, you will find the contact form here.

Will you spam me, or send me unsolicited electronic mail?

Emphatically: no. The form information is repackaged and sent directly to Codex Rare Books as an email. Codex Rare Books does not save any data from this form or email in any online database or shared media. Replies will only be to you and only by email or the contact method you request. They will never be used for unsolicited sales (spam). Codex Rare Books shares your information with absolutely no one.

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